Hidden Decking installation clips
Coming soon ( about spring 2016 )

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Made of treaded/hardened STAINLESS STEEL
Unlike our competitors which are NOT stainless steel.


Cuts decking Installation labor time up to 50%
     resulting in significant labor cost savings over OTHER types of decking clips.

     Comes in strips of 5 clips, for fast screw down of a gang of clips to joist.
     Can use Screw-Nail gun like Duraspin
(TM) for even faster installation. Most other clips can't use a gun.

> EASY Snap-In, Snap-Out of decking planks.
>  Works with most decking planks that have groves on the side.  
         ( IE: Trex, TimberTech, Fiberon

>  No special screws required, Use standard gold  3/4" decking screws,
       In humid climates consider, coated or Stainless screws


             Expected availability Spring 2016 
 Anticipated Introductory price point $110 per 100 sq feet of Deck.
 Suggested price, $149 per 100 sq feet.

          It is estimated that it will SAVE YOU about 50%  decking installation labor costs
          compared to other hidden deck clips.
          This means your true cost per 100 sq feet of deck using
our clips
          is considerably less when considering the labor savings

Simple-Deck Clips come in gang of 5  joined clips

No fumbling with individual tiny clips. NO installing one clip at a time.
With Other old fashion deck clips.   
 pick up ONE clip, then Pick up screw gun and screw on just the one clip at a time.
            then moving  to next joist, pick up ONE clip and pick up screw gun, and again just 1 clip at a time.
            Lay down another plank and do it all  'one at a time' again.           
            etc, etc etc.

Simple-Deck Clips come in gang of 5  joined clips,
            Lay down a strip of 5 clips, pick up screw gun, screw all 5 clips down in one process.
            Then go to next joist and do 5 at a time again.
            Then just snap in 5 decking planks at a time
When less than 5 clips are needed, just separate clip strip at desired amount.



TIPS, Lay down strips of 5 clips on each joist, screw them down
Then snap in the Decking planks.
Planks can then also be easily snapped out in future for repair, etc.

We are located in the Denver Co. Metro area.


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company, Golden, Co.

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